DPR Academy was founded by David Del Priore, an experienced Real Estate Broker, a dedicated community advocate, as well as a battle wounded veteran.

In July 2023, Brande Smith, also an experienced Real Estate Broker and Veteran, took over the day to day operations of DPR Academy. Brande has a passion for helping others reach their full potential in their Real Estate career. Brande personally supervises each class and each instructor to ensure the success of every student. She has raised the bar, not only for herself but for her instructors as well. Each member of the DPR Academy team is dedicated to ensuring optimal learning and creating a successful road to passing the real estate examination.

The collective team works together to provide pre- and post-licensing support either through one-on-one tutoring or in-class instruction. Every student deserves the very best from their learning experience and DPR Academy provides it.

Are you ready to take off and go from learning to earning? We’re ready to help!

Let’s talk today about how DPR Academy can help you succeed in real estate. 


Karen Smith

Brande Smith

As a Real Estate Broker and Coach, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the incredible journeys of aspiring real estate professionals. My military background has instilled in me a deep appreciation for meticulous attention to detail, a trait that I believe is pivotal in guiding our students not only toward licensure but also toward a flourishing real estate career. Witnessing the growth of individuals and their businesses is a source of boundless joy for me; it’s what motivates me daily. Real estate may present challenges, but it’s also a realm of immense rewards. I wholeheartedly believe that, with unwavering dedication and resilience, success is within reach for anyone. It’s an honor to be part of your journey to success in the world of real estate.


Karen Smith

Career development and advancement is my passion. I am a driven real estate business owner and independent contractor dedicated to teaching and motivating students to both establish and achieve their career goals. My greatest strengths lie in my ability to connect with diverse learners, regardless of their learning style, to motivate them in developing a plan to reach career success. To that end, I use my extensive experience in education, as well as my certifications in Inclusive Education, Gifted Education, and ELL Education, to reach and motivate students from all backgrounds and intellectual levels. Together, we can make your real estate career a reality!


Angelia Kingsberry

Real Estate has always been a great passion of mine and after being in the field for 20 plus years, I decided that I would like to take my knowledge and experience to the classroom.  Being inside the classroom brings me great joy in teaching excited and hungry students about the craft of real estate.  This is an exciting field to be in if you like helping people achieve one of their biggest dreams of buying a house.


Tanya Tilton

Tanya Tilton is a highly accredited Realtor-Broker, Instructor, and Business Coach with
over 23 years of collective experience. As a passionate professional, she has proven
expertise involving the intricacies of real estate pre-licensing, new agent coaching, and
buyer/seller consulting. She embodies the fundamental leadership skills necessary to
support rising real estate practitioners in obtaining new levels of success within a
competitive market.
Over the years, Tanya has garnered a substantial resume in real estate sales, property
management, and legal compliance that has cemented her position as a respected
leader in the industry. She transitioned into real estate leadership as a Senior Portfolio
Manager for Atlanta Housing Authority (HUD), then on to a coveted position as a
Managing Broker for a top brokerage firm. She then tapped into entrepreneurship by
launching her own beauty salon, all while simultaneously delving deeper into broker
management and business coaching. To date, she has partnered with various other real
estate organizations, and has recruited, managed and mentored countless agents and
brokers throughout her career.
Tanya enjoys empowering her students with in-depth information and engaging insight
so they may cultivate a prosperous future for themselves, all while purposefully raising
the real estate industry standards bar along the way. This, in conjunction with her rich
inventory of accomplishments to date and reputation for instilling positive energy that
provokes invested engagement within her teachings, has all positioned Tanya to become
the dynamic real estate innovator that she is today.



Honor and integrity have a special meaning for anyone who has served in the military. My service in the U.S. Army helped me to build on my natural personality traits of helping people and being a positive part of my community. With over ten years of training adult learners, my strong desire for servant leadership led me to a career in education. As an instructor, I am able to combine my love and knowledge of real estate with my desire to help others. While some take pride in meeting all standards set before them, my passion is delivering service that goes beyond expectations.
David Del Priore


My passion in life is helping others. As a REALTOR® and Licensed Instructor, I am able to help make people’s dreams come true every day. With every successful closing on a home, I get people closer to their real estate dreams. I have a passion for teaching and have a way of connecting with people to simplify complicated real estate terms and laws. Teaching the next generation of realtors helps me mold the future of real estate. To me, that’s its own reward.
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